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30 January 2012

Remember Me?

Days One Through Six of Tracy Anderson's Bootcamp

When I first learned about Tracy Anderson's Method, I did all kinds of online research because I wanted to be sure that there were LOTS AND LOTS of people who had completed her program with success.  What I found is that everyone who stuck with it for the duration, saw dramatic improvements to their health and body.  Key words being: for the duration.

I decided when I began (the first time, not this time) that this will NOT be one of those blogs where the author is absolutely amped about the program and then suddenly they stop posting. 


I always assume one of two things has happened:  (1) they have quit the program completely and can no longer "face" their readers or (2) have gone into the witness protection program and must remain anonymous.   Who knows!?

I mention all of that to basically say....

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really did not want to completely BORE you by re-discussing the days that I had already blogged about thus the reason for my absence.  Sorry for the neglect, but I did have your attention span in mind. It won't happen again.

Let me tell you, I am not new to working out.  I have done a plethora of activities:  Yoga, Gym membership (Hi Gold's Gym - I miss you!), Insanity, P90X, The PussyCat Dolls Workout DVD, etc.  I haven't stuck with any of them consistently for one excuse reason or another: I did not see results quick enough, I got bored, I messed up and had to restart and lost my momentum on the restart, I got bulky muscles underneath the stubborn fat that never left, etc., etc.

So, for my Round Two with TAM Bootcamp, I made a few changes to help me out:

  1. Going forward if I happen to mess up, I will just continue with the program as designed instead of restarting from the beginning.  I restarted P90X at least three or four times and never made it past Day 11 which made me feel like I wasn't progressing.  I could never finish this THIRTY DAY bootcamp if I continued on with that bad habit.
  2. As far as the food plan goes, there are a few things that I absolutely refuse to eat: lamb, soy products and that NASTY, AWFUL, HORRID cucumber mint relish (I have a picture of my modified and much better tasting cucumber mint relish below).  So, I modified the plan a bit to exclude those things on my refusal list and I also set a goal for myself to stick with her diet 90 to 95% of the time.  This way I will still feel like I have a bit of FREEDOM.  The restrictiveness of the diet was really starting to make my claustrophobia flare up.  Now, I can breathe easy because I am not holding myself to impossible (for me, at least) standards.  I commend everyone that can follow every single rule to a T. You're a champ! Perhaps one day, I too will have that type of discipline...or maybe its dedication that I lack.  I'm not sure... 
  3. Since this is my 2nd time beginning Sequence 1 (Days 1 through 10) of the Bootcamp,  I decided to modify the workout a bit too.  I stepped it up a notch by adding ankle weights for the leg exercises, increasing my ab and arm reps and also increasing my cardio to 60 minutes from 40. Whew, that's a 2-hour sweat storm each day.
I'm pretty sure AWESOMENESS awaits me at the end of Sequence 1.

I'll drink to that!! (Kale juice or water, of course!)

Here's a couple of pictures that you didn't get to see the first time I did Days 1 through 6:
Cucumber Mint "Relish" - I juiced the cucumber and added the mint and coconut water to that rather than eat the slimy, chunky mess from the way it was prepared before.

Shrimp Salad with Sugar Snap Peas - YUCK!!! Let me tell you, there was NO SUGAR left in those peas.  I could only manage to eat one snap pea. What a waste of shrimp. They were like rubbery lemon pellets.

Kale Juice - I had this for breakfast on Day 6 along with a hard-boiled egg. I LOVE kale juice and drink it regularly anyway, so this was a treat.

Roasted Mushrooms and Wilted Spinach - Yum!  I had this in place of the Steamed Veggie Plate for Lunch on Day 6.  I see no point in wasting perfectly good leftovers. Not even for Tracy!

Seared Peppered Tuna with Arugula Greens - I should tell you I'm not a fan of fish and after eating this, I'm still not.  >:-S Yuck face

Also, I completed Day 7 today, but I'll have to blog about it tomorrow. 8-)


  1. Well done Jae! Urgh seeing that shrimp and sugarsnap pea salad makes my stomach turn - that was a low point for me. Seriously.

    Good on you for sticking with it and keep it up! I agree the modifications help give you more freedom.

    What recipe do you use for your kale juice? I am determined to give this another go and am looking for delicious recipes!

    1. Hey there! I'm glad you are sticking with it too even though you find the diet was not for you at all. I think the most important thing is to continue. I bet we will both be pleased. So how is the chair workout in Sequence 2. I'm scared of that!

  2. Good for you for starting up again! That cucumber drink looks tasty, I'll have to try that sometime.

    1. Thanks! I'm determined to get this done. I'm learning to appreciate the little by little changes because they add up to a big change.

      Yes, do try the cucumber drink. It was refreshing! I'm not sure how I feel about the bits of mint leaves floating in it, but hey - it all goes down easy. 8-)

  3. Hi Jae,

    I didn't do her diet plan but still got great results, I believe the key is her workouts and just staying consistent with them. Keep it up you are doing great.

    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for the tip and encouragement. You did get great results! I read about them on the Metamorphosis community page. What type of diet did you follow? Do you eat clean normally?

    2. Hi Jae,

      While I was doing meta I ate between 1200 - 1400 cals a day 6 x a week, allowed one splurge day a week (didn't count cals on this day). Now I am trying to maintain so still using the formula above but eating 1500 approx 6 days a week. I eat pretty clean lots of fruit veggies, chicken fish I do watch starches and bread. I just felt and this is just my opinion life is too short to deprive yourself. I didn't change my eating habits from before I started TAM. My weight loss came strictly because of the added exercise. Also, when I started I wasn't trying to lose weight just tone up. I was shocked to lose what I did, 16lbs total upon finishing TAM.

    3. Wow, Tracy! That's 4 lbs a week! I guess I shouldn't be too upset about what I have or haven't lost so far then. Yeah, my regular diet could use a bit of a clean-up. That's why I felt it best to try & stick with her plan as much as possible.

      I noticed on the FB page that some of the women mentioned getting lumpy before they got toned. Did you experience that?

    4. Hi,

      Yes unfortunately, you do get lumpy or lumpier (in my case) before it gets better. I had a lot of cellulite in the front of my thighs, but now they are toned and cellulite free. I wish I could say the same about my butt, but that is a work in progress, I have faith enough in the program to see it through. Some Ladies don't really see the cellulite go until they are in their second year of it. I am in for the long term, it is a lifestyle change and I can not see myself going anything esle. But remember don't feel bad if you make a bad food choice, as long as you are consistent with this exercise program you will not gain weight.

    5. Hi Tracy - Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I will definitely see this one through. In the past, when I started to notice my legs get lumpy, I would quit because it looks so unsightly, but I realize now that this is just the fat breaking up and it's probably necessary to build muscle and get the tone that I want to see. So, I may slip up every now and again, but I'm sticking with it. I have seen great things happen already with my body in 10 days, so I can't wait to see what happens after 30 and then what happens after 90 days of Meta! I'm all excited thinking about it! 8-)