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14 January 2012

Beet Salad With Oranges

Day 5 of Tracy Anderson's Bootcamp

Beet Salad with Oranges.

Beet Salad with Oranges?

BEET SALAD with Oranges!?!!

Beet Salad with Oranges

I'm about to make an excuse.  So, get ready.... 

Folks, just the name of this recipe had me absolutely dreading Day 5!  As if an itty bitty orange could make a beet salad sound/taste any better. I mean, did you see the picture??  Did you actually SEE the finished product?  It looks like a bloody beet-y mess! 

I'm still working up to the excuse...

I still haven't gotten my energy back from yesterday.  So, I woke up this morning extremely exhausted.  I really did not FEEL like (this is me pouting) eating what someone else told me to eat and certainly not BEETS of all things. 

Here it comes...

Beets smell like dirt.  Not regular dirt either.  The dirt that's at the bottom of all the dirt... THAT is what a beet smells like.  Not to mention they have hairy rat tails at the ends of them.  GROSS.  I shudder at the thought...

Here it is! The EXCUSE

I should mention that I was putting today's food off (the beet, really) for so long that I did not even end up eating Breakfast until 3:00p.  Big mistake!

Excuse for what, you ask?  I'll tell you...

Soooo, when I finally did eat it wasn't the halved grapefruit drizzled with honey as the meal plan calls for.  Nope!  I went into the pantry and what did I find, but an unopened pack of  Fun-Sized 100 Grand candy bars.   Serving size is 2.  So, how many did I eat? SIX!!!!!!!!!!!  Ohh, the shame of it all! :-(

Of course I felt like crap afterwards for cheating.  I've never been a cheater in anything, until the darn BEETS entered my life. (More excuses).

After my episode with the One Hundred Thousand Dollar Bars (that's what my mom calls them), I logged into Facebook and I had a message from a fellow TAMer, Marcia.  She's done bootcamp before and she wanted to know how it was going and also wanted to give me a playlist to listen to during the workouts.  Awesome, right?  Then, I go onto the Metamorphosis community on Tracy Anderson's website and I have a message from Wendy, another TAMer.  Wendy started the bootcamp around the same time as me and was also checking in with me and telling me how good it was I was sticking with the diet... Oops.

Why didn't I read those messages BEFORE I ate the candy bars!  Darn it!!!  The encouraging words from Marcia and Wendy really gave me what I needed  and somehow I found the motivation to get up and get moving.   I got right back on the TAM wagon after my temporary lapse and completed Day 5. 

Today's Menu:
Breakfast - Halved Grapefruit
Lunch - Grilled Chicken with Broccoli and Endive (FABULOUS!)
Snack - Beet Salad with Oranges (After all of that torture I put myself through, I found out that I LIKE BEET and the combination with the oranges and basil was actually pleasant.  I guess I really do like veggies.)
Dinner - Shrimp Salad with Sugar Snap Peas (I made this, but I did not eat it.  I wasn't hungry.  It must have been the candy.)

Remember that Cucumber Mint Relish from Day 2?  Give me Beet Salad over that any day!

Grilled Chicken with Broccoli and Endive

As for the exercise, I increased my reps to 40 on legs.  Abs and arms are the same. 

Day 5 (a tough day) is now complete.

I have been thinking of powdered donuts and glazed Krispy Kremes lately...  So, wish me luck tomorrow.  I'm not sure why I am having such a craving for sugar.  Shouldn't it be FRENCH FRIES!? 


  1. Great job turning your day around! I totally agree with you, beets make me vomit a little in my louth everytime I hear/see them :)

    1. LOL! Even when you hear about them!? That is too funny! I'm finding out that I like most veggies. Maybe THAT'S why I was a vegetarian for all of those years. HA!

      I felt like I slacked too much too soon and I want to follow the program to a T. So, I'm starting the entire bootcamp over with a renewed sense of commitment.

      You would think that I would have been prepared as many questions I've asked and as much research that I did before I even started, but NO!