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10 January 2012

Ohhhh, The Trickery!!

Tracy Anderson's Bootcamp Day 2

Remember how yesterday's food was pretty good?  Well, that was yesterday.  Today, everything was either one or all of these things:  bland, disgusting, awful, disappointing, watery.  I can't add salt to this crapola, but I certainly peppered the crap out of today's meals.

I think I figured out what Tracy was doing with this eating plan.  She knew that if she started off Day One's meals with something completely awful, she would lose too many people.  So, she tricks you and makes you think the meals are going to be bearable and maybe even enjoyable on the first day, but the plot thickens, people!  Enter Day Two.  This is the day of the reality check and boy oh boy did I get checked.

You know how as a kid if you were eating something gross, you would pinch your nose closed, so that you couldn't taste it? THAT DOES NOT WORK!!!! I tried it. I was desperate.

I think now is as good a time as any for prayer. Don't you?
Dear Lord -  Thank you for the desire you have placed in my heart to want to have a healthier body.  I am calling on you with a plea for the strength and discipline to finish this journey I have started.  The road may not be easy (or short), but it is attainable and I ask that I remember that each time I come across a road block that makes me want to give up.  As I eat these foods that are extremely unappealing to my taste buds, I ask that my body be nourished and my mind stay focused on the tasks ahead of me.  Thank you for allowing me to come to you with any issue and for the supportive people that you have placed in my life.  Amen!
Okay, I feel better now.  Phew!

The good news is I was so focused on how nasty the food tastes, I nearly forgot about how bad my quads were/are burning from yesterday's workout.  Almost...

Here's today's menu:
Breakfast - Turkey Avocado Roll-Up with Wilted Spinach (I forgot to make the wilted spinach. Sucks because it probably would have tasted better)
Lunch - Spinach Salad with Chestnuts (Who knew the texture of a chestnut could make or break a salad...)
Snack - Cucumber Mint Relish (PICTURED BELOW: I left out the edamame beans because I don't do soy, but really Tracy!? Relish for a snack? Who does that? Me, apparently.)
Dinner - Steamed Turkey Breast with Wilted Kale and Raisins (So sad)

Cucumber Mint Relish (BARF!)

As far as the exercise goes, it was still hard, but I made it through all of my reps including the extra 5 I said I would add today.  I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if I can add an additional 5 though.  I'm worried that I'm not sweating enough.  I have 2 space heaters going while I workout as Tracy recommends.  So, I hope I will still see the results.

We shall see...

28 More Days To Go.


  1. Oh my goodness - yesterday was my Day 2 and it was AWFUL!

    1. Day Two is my least favorite day by far!