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31 January 2012

Happily Ever After?

Day 7 of Tracy Anderson's Bootcamp

Have you ever heard the joke about the salmon and the potato?  It goes like this:
"Salmon makes it to the kitchen first, but disappoints the chef by her (this salmon is a girl) scaly appearance.  In walks the potato with all of his puffed up fried bravado.  The two of them (salmon and potato) go at it because they both want to please the chef and join her for dinner. Only one of them can win..."
 So, have you heard that one before?  Yeah, me neither.  That's likely because I made it up, but let's just continue with the story, shall we? (Notice how it changed from a joke to a story. I couldn't think of a punchline...) 

" Once upon a time in a not so distant land called Tamville lived a modest chef named Jae-cee.  Chef Jae-cee and all the maidens of the land were under strict orders from the Queen to eat only what Her Highness had prescribed.  Jae-cee followed all of the queen's orders.  Well, nearly...
In anticipation for an upcoming meal, she went shopping at a local grocery in hopes of finding salmon.  It was Jae-cee's lucky day.  Salmon filets were on sale 10 for $10 in individually wrapped 4oz packages; a perfect portion size! 
The Day of Salmon was nearly upon her, so she took one little 4oz packet from the freezer to thaw.  After all, preparedness was key to Tamville survival.  So, after a grueling workout on Salmon Day, Jae-cee happily went to prepare her portion of salmon for the evening as this particular meal is by far a favorite of hers.  She opened the packet expecting to see 4oz of pink salmon flesh only to discover a SCALY grey and white animal that looked EXACTLY like A FISH!!
You should know that at "Chateau de Jae-cee", foods that LOOK like an actual animal are not allowed as they give the maiden an incurable disease called Heebie Jeebies.  This includes but is not limited to scales, feathers, fur, claws, eyes, frog legs, etc.  So, of course Jae-cee ran. 
After nearly twisting her ankle to get away from the THING in the sink, the determined chef maiden decided to not let the scales set her back.  With rubber gloves, she went to work to remove the skin from the animal so that the meat could be grilled. FAIL. At the end of what was a disastrous attempt to skin a fish, there was less than 2oz of shredded salmon left to grill.  What was Jae-cee to do?  Where was she to go? 
Exhausted from her workout and nearly starved after the great fish debacle, Jae-cee could only think of one thing to do and that was to call on her old, but trusty friend, Mr. Potato...
Today was so very difficult for me to summon the will to workout.  I have no idea why unless it's because I GAINED 0.2 lbs since yesterday (Yep, you read that right and I'm not happy about it!) or that I waited until the absolute last minute of the day to do my workout.  I am not a morning person by far, but still, I struggle to get my TAM workouts in at night.  So, I'm planning to do a couple of things:  workout early morning before work and not stress over a half pound or so increase as its likely temporary (Fingers Crossed).

Lucky for me, my little sister (who is also doing TAM BC - she's on Day 15) provided me with a bit of motivation.  She posted an awesome picture on the TAM FB page (I included it below) and as it turns out, that was what I needed to pump out my MS work and 40 minutes of DC.  I couldn't manage a full 60 minutes of cardio last night though. Sue me.

I feel like I should give you a legend for all of the acronyms just in case you are unfamiliar with the lingo, so here ya go:
  • TAM - Tracy Anderson Method
  • BC - Bootcamp
  • DC - Dance Cardio
  • MS - Muscular Structure
  • TA - Tracy Anderson
  • FB - Facebook
 As for the food...

Today's Menu:
Breakfast - Mushroom Omelet Roll-Up (Yum! It tasted fabulous even though it was more like scrambled egg whites with mushrooms and spinach than an omelet)
Lunch - Baked Chicken with Broccoli (Double Yum!!)
Snack - Cucumber Mint Relish (I had my juiced version again)
Dinner - Grilled Salmon with Endive and Roasted Triple Carrots (I made the carrots, had an episode with the salmon and ended up eating McDonald's instead.)

Baked Chicken with Broccoli

Mushroom Omelet Roll-Up


  1. Hi Jae,

    I wouldn't worry about the weight gain - as women we continuously fluctuate (especially around that time of the month). Women can gain between 3 and 5lbs in water weight while pmsing. Crazy!!

    And yeah, you know my thoughts on the diet food - it's so not cool. Really restrictive and I found that if something didn't work out I was so tempted to just pack it all in.

    Keep it up though, and at least you exercised. Any exercise is better than no exercise, so good on you for doing it! It's hard to get motivated in the evenings. I've been struggling, but it helps to have someone else to motivate you!

    Love the story btw!:)

    1. Oh, thanks!! I thought it was a fun little story that just so happens to be based loosely on the truth. Hahaa.

      Yeah, I think you're right about the weight gain though. I find that I usually gain about that much around my cycle time, so I guess I should have inspected an increase! When I look at it that way, I'm still winning. Woohoo! Thanks for the change in perspective.

      Yeah, you're so lucky to have your roommate to workout with. I really look to the other TAM users for support when I'm dragging and delaying my workout.

  2. If you can't stand the salmon, go for either white fish or chicken. All McDonalds will do is to go to your thighs.
    If you can workout before breakfast so that you can burn the most fat. It is also out of the way and not looming over you. Otherwise schedule it and make it a do or die priority. You are worth it.

    1. No, I like salmon! I just don't like skin on fish. It freaks me out a bit. I need all of my fish to have been skinned already. Yeah, I worked out early today and yesterday and it was great! I felt like I had my night for myself to relax a bit.