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31 January 2012

Cupcakes and No Hard Feelings

Day 8 of Tracy Anderson Bootcamp

When I first decided to create this blog, I was debating between two names:  "French Fries and Thunder Thighs" or "Cupcakes and Muffin Tops".  Ultimately, I decided not to go with the latter because I don't actually have a muffin top.  I do have a love for cupcakes though and they come in at a close second to the french fry.

Yesterday, I said I was going to do 2 things:  (a) workout early and (b) not flip out over a half pound or so gain.  A turned out to be much easier than B for me.  This morning, I had gained another 0.4 lbs!! That is almost a whole pound in 2 days.  I have to laugh at myself because it seems so small when I type it out, but I'm totally obsessed with the numbers on the scale.  Now mind you, I realize that had I not dibbled and dabbled in unhealthy foods, I would not have seen a gain, but STILL!!!!!!!! *stomps foot*

I at least managed to get up early before work and get most of my MS done so that when I got home all I needed to finish was the rest of my arm and ab set and the DC.  I even upped the reps to 40 today on the legs, 80 on the arms and abs and I managed to get in a full 60-minutes of cardio.  I had an awesome workout today, so cheerio to that!

I guess we have to talk about cupcakes now, huh?


There's this place called "The Cup" that has delicious cupcakes.  The feature for this month is The Graceland and it's banana cake with peanut butter buttercream icing.  I have some good news though, I split the cupcake with a lady at work so I didn't eat the whole thing.  Here's the bad news though, that was only after already having two cupcakes earlier that day by myself.  BUT WAIT, I saved some more good news for you...I totally do not feel bad about my BIG, FAT CHEAT at all.  Maybe I will when I see the scale in the morning, but not right now at this very instant.

Anywho, I feel I have had enough slip-ups for one Sequence so since this one is nearly up (Sequence 1 is Days 1 through 10), I will stick with the diet plan. *sad face*

On to the food...

Today's Menu:
Breakfast - Our Bloody Mary (Everyone has horror stories about this breakfast and no one I know has kept it down.  It's basically a puree of red pepper, tomato, fresh cilantro, fresh horseradish,celery, cayenne and black pepper and an apple.  So, I doctored this a little and added two apples instead of one and I pureed it with a splash of orange juice.  It wasn't fantastic by any means, but it wasn't bad.  I could totally tolerate it and it looked really pretty before I blended it all up which is always a plus.)
Lunch - Turkey Chicken Avocado Roll-Up (I ate as much as I could bare.  Subbing in grilled chicken for the turkey did make it taste better though)
Snack - Fresh Melon Compote (I made this, but I skipped it and ate cupcakes and a half instead.  I probably will not eat anymore honeydew as I'm allergic to it which was brought to my memory when my lips got swollen and my mouth started itching and burning when I ate it the other day.  This is not why I skipped it though. I just really wanted the cupcakes.)
Dinner - Stovetop Braised Red Snapper and Roasted Asparagus (I couldn't find red snapper, so I bought ocean perch instead, but didn't make it because I wasn't hungry. I did eat the asparagus though. Yummy!)

"Our Bloody Mary" - pre-blended



  1. Urgh looking back on that food ... I don't think I could go back there.

    Someone once told me something that has been very helpful on my 'diet' journey.

    Tomorrow is a new day - a new cupcake-less day!:)

    Those cupcakes sound amazing though!! Nom!!

  2. Oh, and I have given you the Liebster Blog award - hop on over to my site to see what it's all about and to claim your award:)

    1. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU!! I'm so flattered. I will post mine today.