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17 January 2012

Pause and Repeat

Day ?? of Tracy Anderson's Bootcamp

I fell off the wagon! 

Well, actually I kind of jumped off of it, while it was still moving...

I mean, really!  I didn't even make it a full week!

So sad. 

I tried to repeat Day 6 at least 3 times and never quite got it right.  So, I moved on to Day 7 and something about that day makes me really want a Large fry from McDonald's. 

So rather than sabotage my progress any further, I have made the executive decision to START OVER!!  I can do that, right? 

There is some good news here (Yes, I found some!) and it's that I fully know what to expect this time around.  There is no way that I can personally manage working out for 2 hours a day each night and still get a good night's rest without waking up late the next morning especially when I have to make four meals for the next day. 

When I do something, I really like to make sure that I have done it correctly.  I'm one of those people who beats herself up over making mistakes.  Nooooo, I do NOT want a 3.987 GPA, I want a 4.333 GPA!!!  I'm working on getting over that little issue...  In the meantime though, I'll just start over.

So, this next go-round I will have to make a few changes that will allow me to easier manage this program:
  • Workout in the morning
  • Prepare food for the entire week in advance (except the juicing which should be done the day of)
    • Lucky for me I have plenty of leftovers that I froze from Week One and also plenty of produce left
  • Don't cheat AT ALL!!
    • Some folks may be able to cheat a little and then reel it back in, but not me.  All it took was for me to cheat that one day and then I ended up slacking the rest of the time.  I would eat the meals & then do half the workout or I would do all of the workout and only eat some of the meals.  
    • EXCEPTIONS - I absolutely refuse to eat that cucumber mint relish again.  I will juice a cucumber and toss some mint leaves and coconut water in it instead, but the relish...I JUST CAN'T!!  Also, still no soy products or lamb. 
  • Since this will be my second time around doing Sequence 1 (Days 1-10), and my body was starting to get used to the exercises, I am going to start on Day One with ankle weights and work up to 40 reps.  I had gotten up to 60 leg and 80 ab reps without the weights. I wouldn't recommend this if you are just starting out and your Day One is really your first day ever into TAM.
I have really enjoyed the workouts with this program and I absolutely loved the results that I was beginning to see (on the scale and in the way my clothes fit), but I allowed those quick results to sabotage my commitment. I'll be mindful not to pat myself on the back too soon and to be more prepared each day so that I resist all temptations to cheat. 

There are no more candy bars in my house this time!  Now if only there was a Potato-Eaters Anonymous group I could be a part of that would ban me from all venues that sell fries.  Not that I would join... :-)

Here's to my brand new Day One.

Wish me luck because I will certainly need it!


  1. Hi Jae,

    Just stumbled onto your blog! I am curerntly doing the Tracy Anderson Bootcamp and documenting it day-by-day I am only on Day 3 and already want to quit. The exercises are good, but the food. Is awful (that cucumber relish ain't happening!)

    I am now following your blog and can't wait to see your progress! Would be great if you could pop by mine and impart some wisdom.

    This is so hard. Please tell me it gets better!! Please!!

    1. Hi there!

      Hang in there! Don't quit. The results you will see make all (except maybe that relish) of the tough work worth it. I can't believe the changes I saw in just the first 5 days! So, imagine going the entire 30! We can do it!

      Thanks for reading & following me. I'm following yours now too. Happy TAM'ing!

      Hey, do you plan to do Meta after BC?

  2. Jae --
    Alternatively as you haven't had a week away, you can keep going with the workouts and restart the diet. It is only more than a week that you need to go back to the level below.
    If you know you will not like something, just skip it. I skipped most of the savoury snacks. If I needed a snack, I did one of the fruit ones. And just don't go into McDs. Make it Not An Option.
    But definately do the workout in the morning when you first get it, it makes it easier.
    Good luck.

    1. I think I'm a bit of perfectionist. I attempted to keep on going, but couldn't get past the whole cheating incident. Its a mental roadblock, I know. I'm going to start over instead b/c I want to commit for the full 30 days w/o unnecessary slip-ups. You're right though - Aboslutely no Micky D's for me! And no candy bars!

      Thanks for the well wishes, Michelle. You're always a great support.

    2. You know why don't you schedule in a visit to McD's and buying candy bars for after you finish the 30 days. Take it as a splurge day. Have it ringed in your calendar. Make it a treat. That way you won't feel deprived and you can work towards it.
      Whatever works for you with the restarting. Just knowing you can dial it down and keep going can be helpful. If you look in the book, she does expect people to find it difficult. The words -- dial it down -- made things easier for me.

    3. You're right, I'm definitely going to have to set up a lunch date between McDonald's and I for after my 30 days of bootcamp has ended. It will be my little treat before I start Meta Glute. In fact, I may up the ante and have my date with Nordstrom instead of McDonald's as I hear their fries are delightful. ;o)

  3. Good luck with everything!
    You might like my blog! I'm a personal trainer

    1. Hi Brandi - Thanks for the well wishes and thank you for reading. I hope you will return to my little modest blog. :-)

      I will check yours out too, of course!