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20 February 2012

Dragging Right Along

Days 11 - 18 (kind of) of Tracy Anderson's Bootcamp
Remember how I started off doing a program called, Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Bootcamp?  Well, somehow along the way, I kind of changed the program up a bit and am now doing a little something I like to call, Tracy Anderson's 45 Day (plus or minus a few) Bootcamp.  It has a ring to it, don't you think?

So, let me tell you what I have been up to...


Right after finishing Sequence 1, I fell ill for a few days and chose rest over working out and making my TAM meals.  Then, after that temporary setback, I was feeling pretty lazy and sluggish...and....well...I just kind of acted like a lazy slug.  I laid around and ate unhealthy crapola for a couple of days.  Then, I decided, "Enough of this behavior", and I was back at it in full swing (with a slip here and there).  Somehow, I even managed to lose an additional 4.2 lbs during my slowly, but surely attempts at completing Sequence 2.

Woohoo for weight loss, but folks, I have to say, I absolutely hate (that's a strong word, but I really do mean it) Sequence 2 and I'm not exactly sure why.  The exercises are hard, but so were the exercises during Sequence 1.  So that's not it.  I think this little attitude problem I have gotten is the main reason why it is taking me absolutely FOREVER (it feels like forever) to get this bootcamp done.  Having said that though, I refuse to stop until I have done the full 30 days even if it takes me 45 days to do it.  I think it's the Leo in me that refuses to let me give up.  I will not fail, I will not fail! ROAR!!

I have probably said this before, but I think I'll repeat myself:  Blogging and talking with the TAM ladies on Facebook and on the TAM community page is the BEST part of bootcamp (Well, actually that's the best part AFTER the awesome & quick results).

However, for anyone wanting to try Bootcamp, I think I should share the worst parts of bootcamp with you.

  • Time-consuming (Expect to spend several hours a day devoted to bootcamp.  It will take you a nice chunk of time not only to shop for all of the ingredients, but to prep and cook the 4 meals a day.  Plus, the workouts themselves are easily over 2 hours long each day, especially if you are the over-achiever like myself and like to get maximum reps for each exercise [40 reps legs, 80-100 reps abs on each side, 60-70 reps arms, 60 minutes cardio]. If you do the minimum, I guess it could take a little under 2 hours.)  

I thought I had more reasons than that, but....I don't.

Now that I have typed up that lengthy list of ONE complaint, I see why I have such an attitude lately.  I really want this process to not take up so much of my time. I LOVE that the workouts are difficult because I wouldn't respect a program that didn't challenge me (I'm not new to exercise) and I fully expect that not every meal will taste delightful.  So, really the only portion of this program that I HATE, HATE, HATE is how much time it takes.

If only there was a Tracy Anderson grocery store somewhere nearby that I could go to and say, "Hey, I'm on Week 1 of bootcamp" and then they pass me all 28 meals that I would need for that week fully prepared.  That would make a world of difference, save a boatload of time and prevent the ATTITUDES from showing their ugly, little heads.  A girl can dream can't she?

Now, granted, just the name BOOTCAMP implies difficulty and extremity, but SO WHAT!! *stomps foot*

*Smile* :o)

Hey, I can have one disapproving, complaining and irritated blog full of rants and criticisms, can't I?

Here's A Few TAM (and not so TAM) Meals for your Viewing Pleasure

Pear Apple Spice - (Pretty tasty if you like cinnamon flavored apple sauce.)

Sweet Potato Silver Dollar Pancakes - (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET!!! The little specks are flaxseeds. These were so disgusting that I could not eat them.  I would much rather just eat handfuls of flaxseeds and call it a day.  FYI - I HATE sweet potatoes so I'm sure that had a lot to do with it.  There's a lot of HATE going on in this blog. Sorry about that; I'll try to do better.)

Poached Salmon Tilapia Omelet - (I didn't have any salmon, so I used tilapia and it was MUY Delicioso!!!

Harvest Salad - (This little bowl of goodnes is NOT a TAM meal which is probably why it's so flipping fantastic.  Field greens, boursin cheese, figs, pumpkin seeds and of course, bacon. Bacon makes the world go round!)

Puree of Broccoli Soup - I like all of the ingredients in this soup on their own, but somehow this was still a bland and awful disaster.  If only I could have added a dash of salt and a some other tasty seasonings.


  1. Oh my goodness, Jae, this was my major bug bare with the Tracy method, which is why (and the fact the food was bad bad bad) we opted out of doing the meals because it was just so time consuming. Definitely not a good diet to do when you work 8 hours a day!!

    Good on you for sticking it out:) Keep it up ...

    1. Exactly! I don't see how its possible to work full-time at your regular job and then work full-time at this bootcamp as well. Tracy said it would be like a part-time job, but really it's more like full-time. Thankfully I'm almost done! The end is near!!

  2. Hi Jae,

    congratulations on your weight loss, you are doing awesome. Your only human and there will be levels that you dread, but just do the best you can do and push through, the results will keep you going. I didn't do the bootcamp, just started with meta, but a lot of ladies have acheived great results with bootcamp and it helped them go into meta easier. Good luck on your journey. Keep it up. Happy Taming

    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for the congrats and encouragement to keep on moving. I honestly cannot wait until bootcamp is over so that I can do Meta. That's not to say Meta won't be challenging, but hey, who knew I would actually be looking forward to only working out an hour a day, 6 days a week! Haha.

      I know that you have gotten awesome results with Meta, but did you only do the 30 minutes of DC and 30 minutes of MS or did you up the cardio to 60 minutes??

  3. Hi Jae,

    I started meta just doing 30 mins of DC. But I worked upto 60 mins after L5, all on rebounder. I still do 60 mins of DC 6 x a week in continuity. I could cut it shorter, but I love the endorphin rush and the energy it gives me for my work day. I will say that I did drop most of my weight when I upped it to 60 mins. I also love to eat, and this helps keep me in balance.

    1. Okay, awesome! Thanks for telling me. I think I will try to be more consistent about getting my 60 minutes of cardio in each day. I sometimes only do 40 minutes and if I'm really pressed for time I do 25 or 30, but you're right, I notice more of a change on the scale when I am doing 60.

      One more question for you. I bought a rebounder recently and have been doing half of the DC on the floor and the other half on the rebounder, but I'm curious if people are attempting to do the DC from the DVD on the rebounder, freestyling or doing her tel aviv videos from You Tube. What I have been doing varies, I will either freestyle or try to do the DC from the DVD on the rebounder (which is hard). I haven't tried the tel aviv videos yet.

    2. Hi Jae,

      I follow along as much as I can with her moves on the rebounder. i do a lot of freestyling, I have never even tried her Tel Aviv workout. My feeling is as long as you are moving that is the main thing. I try not to be overly concerned on being perfect with all her moves, the program still works when we are not.

    3. Thanks, Tracy! I needed to hear that. I think I was allowing myself to become overly concerned with doing everything perfect. I'll just do my best instead. :o) Thanks again! Happy TAMing!

  4. Oh girl, I so feel you on having a hate day. I'm having one of those myself today, coupled with an "I feel sorry for myself" day, so it's a double dose of ridiculousness. But you're doing amazingly, and I'm so impressed with how dedicated you are to the Method - that was one reason that I didn't go back to BC and started Meta instead, because I couldn't deal with working out for two hours every day. You're an inspiration!! x

    1. LOL @ a double dose or ridculousness. I have been serving myself a few of those lately! I plan on cutting back on some of that or maybe even giving it up all together for the Lenten season! Who knows! LOL.

      Thanks so much for those kind words because I totally don't always feel like I'm being all that impressive with all of my stumblings here and there. I'll beat this thing yet though! I envy you for being done with BC though! LOL.

  5. Bravo on the additional weight loss!! Prepping and preparing all the meals, PLUS the amount of time it takes to get through the sequences is absolutely a nightmare! I KNOW! I opted for wearing ankle weights and went up to 40 reps (because I didn't have time for 60 reps-- it would have taken me 3 1/2 hours to get through a damn workout!)

    Keep it up girlfriend, you're almost there! I hope you took some before pics!


    1. Parker, you're exactly right! I started using ankle weights and 40 reps during Sequence 1 because the sheer amount of time it took to do 60 reps plus 60 minutes of cardio plus 80 to 100 reps abs was a nightmare that I couldn't quite stand. I've also starting splitting up the 60 min of cardio. 30 in the day and 30 in the evening. I hope I still get the same benefits this way.

      I did take before pics! I can't wait until my after pics look delightful.